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  • New #Aircraft #Lancair Company LC42-550FG ✈️ flying in range of #ChalonSurSaone receiver at 8000ft with tail N6509Z… https://t.co/oaC7ccvhfn
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Mois : décembre 2020

2to3, Python 2 to Python 3 made easy!

Do I need to upgrade from Python 2 to Python 3? I started to develop my ADS-B tracker software in Python 2 and I delayed the upgrade to Python 3 for a long time. I was thinking it would be pretty difficult! Now that PIP is soon to drop...

A rare Douglas DC-3 landing in Hong Kong!

Another interesting catch by my ADS-B trackers in Hong Kong has been a Douglas DC-3 with tail number N41CQ on December 4th, 2019. This rare aircraft made a special trip from Hong Kong to Beijing via Guangzhou and Shanghai, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the CNAC (China National...

12 free tools for website optimisation

After developing my ADS-B trackers and the central database of aircraft, I wanted to share the results to the world. What’s better than having my own website for this? Let me share these 12 tools for website optimisation that I use periodically. There are few directions which are important...