Month: April 2021

JZRO, first airfield on Mars!

On April 19 2021, Ingenuity Helicopter flew for the first time on Mars, with flight number IGY-1 and call sign INGENUITY from Wright Brothers Airfield (JZRO) on Jezero Crater, the first official ICAO airfield on another planet! To celebrate the event, JZRO has been added to my airports database,...

How to run a Raspberry Pi 4 on SSD – James A. Chambers

I recently started to migrate my trackers from running an SD card to a SSD drive to improve reliability and increase disk space – I am storing all the aircraft and positions into a local database – and this article has been my bible for that. Definitely a great...

A Guide to Presidential Planes – Airport Spotting

Some of the various presidential planes that are used to transport heads of state or members of government from various countries around the world. See them on FoxtrotCharlie: Brazil – United Kingdom – France (F-UJCS and F-UJCT) – USA (82-8000 and 92-9000) – Russia — Read on