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Ryanair flight 4978 to Vilnius forcibly diverted to Minsk | Flightradar24 Blog

Ryanair 4978 was forcibly diverted to Minsk by Belarus ATC. The flight was en route from Athens to Vilnius and just 72 kilometers from Lithuania. — Read on

A Guide to Presidential Planes – Airport Spotting

Some of the various presidential planes that are used to transport heads of state or members of government from various countries around the world. See them on FoxtrotCharlie: Brazil – United Kingdom – France (F-UJCS and F-UJCT) – USA (82-8000 and 92-9000) – Russia — Read on

A comprehensive list of flight tracking websites (1/2)

100+ ways to track commercial, private and military aircraft around the world. Commercial trackers, community aggregators, Virtual Radar Servers and other websites....

US NAVY using ADS-B code hopping for its P8 over South China Sea


Breitling Jet Team

Breitling Jet Team, operated by Apache Aviation is based in Dijon, a city in France few hundreds kilometres south east of Paris. My mobile tracker picked most of the team when I spent few weeks in Chalon our Saone early 2020. Breitling Jet Team is flying on Aero L39C...