Breitling Jet Team

Breitling Jet Team, operated by Apache Aviation is based in Dijon, a city in France few hundreds kilometres south east of Paris. My mobile tracker picked most of the team when I spent few weeks in Chalon our Saone early 2020.

Breitling Jet Team is flying on Aero L39C Albatros, with tails ES-YLX, ES-YLN, ES-YLF, ES-YLP, ES-YLR, ES-TLF, ES-TLG and ES-YLI. You can see more details in the search page.

Breitling has decided in 2019 not to renew its sponsorship as sole and exclusive partner of Apache Aviation, but is open to staying on board as co-sponsor. Apache Aviation and Breitling are in search of co-sponsors to operate Jet Team around the globe.

Founded by Jacques Bothelin in 1980, the team had several sponsors (and names) during the years: Patrouille Martini, Patrouille Ecco, Patrouille Addecco, Khalifa Jet Team before to be named Breitling Jet Team in 2003.

Let’s hope they will find a new partner to continue this adventure!

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